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Want beyond the ordinary dinner party? Call Your Gourmet Chef for the Extraordinary!

Gourmet Dining Experiences in Your Home

Let me create a one-of-a-kind dining experience in your home that will exceed your expectations and surpass any restaurant meal you’ve had.

Your Gourmet Chef Concept

“Don't settle for the ordinary; go for the extraordinary!”
Call to embark on a culinary adventure like no other

Imagine, a gourmet dining performance in your very own Yacht, AirBnB or VRBO & Well appointed Dining Room

Ready to tantalize your taste buds?

Now, you can embrace the service, relish the taste of fresh ingredients and the thoughtful preparation that goes into your meal but without the hassle of having to dine out.

Italian Pasta with bottarga, in sardinia

Italian Pasta

Italian Pasta with Bottarga

Origin: Sardinia

Typical spanish seafood paella in a dish

Fresh Spanish Seafood

Traditional Spanish Paella 

Origin: Spain

You could make Gourmet Food but you don't want to. Your Gourmet Chef Your Way...Your Place Private Homes, Private Yachts, Your AirBnB on vacation...

We come to YOU our valued customer because you DO IT ALL… but don’t enjoy the hassle of making gourmet food for your elite dinner parties.

Our recipes  roots lie deep in the rich food cultures of magical “Blue-Zone” destinations like Greece and Italy.

We incorporate the seasonings of these Mediterranean locales sourced locally here in the PNW.

Our recipes will impress your guests, while the top tier service and clean up leaves you wishing for another party with us.

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